These 3 FREE Google Chrome Extensions will help you with your Task Management.

They should be considered as a helper or even a new way of working for those times when Outlook Tasks List or similar do not work for you as well, or because they simply do not have the required features you need to focus.

Our top 3 choices include:

1) Add To Wunderlist and related extensions

This extension and its add-on options will allow you to easily save anything from the web as a to-do on your Wunderlist — you can even save relevant text. It also syncs new items across your devices, which is especially helpful if you’re browsing and would like to follow up on something later.

Price: Free Starter with Wunderlist other Pro options require a payment

2) Todoist

If you are a Todoist user, this extension is simple to use and allows you to see your list and add to-dos quickly from your toolbar. The extension has the full capabilities of the desktop app and has multiple add-on options. Its integration into Google Calendar is nicely done. You can also work as a team and assign tasks to a project, add links, and so on.

Price: Free option with Todoist in addition to Premium for c. USD $30.00/yr

3) Prioritab

Elegant and simple design used a lot by students ( do not let that throw you). It is for people who don’t want to use a more involved to-do list yet need to stay on top of their priorities. Prioritab allows for the simple interface to be opened with each new tab and gives you a breakdown of your priorities for the day, week, and month.

Price: Free

Your Bonus

Have you heard about the Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro productivity technique calls on you to work in 25-minute blocks — known as “Pomodoros” — with five-minute breaks, a nice plug-in for that is:

Strict Workflow

It is is an extension that makes doing so simple. You can time Pomodoros while blocking websites like Facebook, News websites or  YouTube during your “focus” time.

Price: Free

There are others in the Google Store you can choose from as well.


Image / Photo Credit: Lukas Blazek on Unsplash