The “counter offer” – Strategic use to stall your employee`s departure

counter offer manager tool to retain staff

Writing today, the employment market favours the candidate, the “counter offer” helps you to stall the departure of any employee, to work harder to find out why they are leaving and your retention plan, do you buy yourself time to replace them or do you make a plan to keep them? Counter offer employee myths […]

3 FREE Google Chrome Extensions for Task Management

pomodoro time management

These 3 FREE Google Chrome Extensions will help you with your Task Management. They should be considered as a helper or even a new way of working for those times when Outlook Tasks List or similar do not work for you as well, or because they simply do not have the required features you need […]

Linkedin groups update – 15 points for Linkedin users

The Linkedin groups update and issues Linkedin users should be aware of today 18th Sept 2018 include: The group status changed standard to unlisted  Many group managers changed them from standard to unlisted to suspend the group until the changes are completed. Rather than deal with issues related to new joiners who spam, it was […]

Linkedin post checklist 5 key points to consider

I decided to write this Linkedin post checklist because I have recently been experimenting with different posts on Linkedin. It was an attempt to try to develop a Linkedin post checklist that I could use with some success. I am also going to admit it was real trial and error and some results were not as […]

E-mail or Email? Marketing and PR checklist

This is one question which comes up on a regular basis, should it be written e-mail or email?   Do you hyphenate or decide not to hyphenate?  Marketing or the managers should make a decision because it is a relatively new word and an abbreviated version of ‘electronic mail.’ The problem, no-one has decided which form is […]

Creating a sales plan quickly and easily in 7 steps ( Step 3 )

Creating your sales plan the earlier steps 1 and 2  STEP 3 Your sales plan includes your relevant marketing plan We know from the research that you have conducted and your desire to write a sales plan that you now have a viable idea for your business. We need to take that information and use […]

Creating a sales plan quickly and easily in 7 steps (Steps 1 and 2)

Creating a sales plan is often thought of as hard work. A sales plan is your strategy that sets out your sales targets and tactics for your business. It includes a look at your marketing plan and lists the steps that you will take to meet quarterly or annual profit goals. Step 1 Understand the […]

Linkedin Groups Change – slowly underway so practise calling them communities

The Linkedin groups platform will be re-launched in a series of steps which have already started. As an original group founder of 3 Linkedin groups, lived through the creation of up to 10 sub-groups (you had to be a member of the main group to be a member of the sub-group) and then their separation. […]

Unsplash – Presentation free picture resource

Unsplash fans hence the post to highlight the photographers who help us with our ideas The Unsplash website solves all those problems when you are looking for ideas and do not need to be limited because Pinterest blocked you as you scrolled down. It advertises itself as  Unsplash  –  Beautiful, free photos  –  Gifted by […]