This is one question which comes up on a regular basis, should it be written e-mail or email?  

Do you hyphenate or decide not to hyphenate? 

Marketing or the managers should make a decision because it is a relatively new word and an abbreviated version of ‘electronic mail.’

The problem, no-one has decided which form is correct!

Web source grammar book asked the question and the comments make interesting reading – the question was posted in 2014 – to hyphen e-mail or not 
English Oxford living dictionaries prefer email as you can see by clicking here to view:  email (also e-mail) Noun
As ‘e’ represents ‘electronic’, e-mail is formed from two words and because language evolves, two became one in the form of email.
Change is always a tricky topic and the best policy is to follow that of your company or organisation. It may even need Marketing to suggest a new policy decision.
This will not be the last word on the evolution of English because the IT industry loves abbreviations and whilst many of them we understand and like such as:

  • e-learning
  • e-commerce

There will be a few which slip by because we adopt IoT and other technologies. That will prompt the same discussion as “is it e-mail or email?”

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