Real Experience

from someone who was an early adopter of Linkedin.

Yes, I have spent money with mixed results on both recruiter and sales Premium packages. Had good results from job advertisements and secured refunds on those which were incorrectly promoted by Linkedin.

So not a person who did a course or read the “How to be a Linkedin expert in 30 days” e-book.

You do benefit from learning how to bypass the “overly impressive” profiles, to find potential new business decision makers and more importantly to say no to some connection requests.

As a multiple groups founder, two of them with over 30,000 carefully reviewed prior-to-join members, plus a local one for in-person networking, we may just be able to also fast-track a few contact discussions.

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Services Offer

Personal Profile Make-Over:

Step 1

  •  Initial copy – your CV or a response to our questionnaire.
  • A conversation – 60 mins max
  • Profile picture review
  • Your personal profile write-up in English
  • Profile review and edit session

Stage 2

  • LinkedIn strategy and alignment check
  • SEO – search tweaks including profile headline changes
  • Privacy settings and profile URL review
  • Background profile graphic
  • Contact Info

Stage 3

  • Review Experiences
  • List Key Education, Publications, Certifications, Courses, Projects, Honors & Awards, Charity or other organisation support, Patents and  Languages

Step 4

  • Final Review and Sign-Off
sales manager checking email
Linkedin Profile Check
Field m2m service sensors test
Sketching out the Linkedin re-branding answers

Product Page Make-Over:

Step 1

  • Provide a response to our questionnaire.
  • A conversation – 60 mins
  • Current company page review
  • Overview of products – highlight
  • Confirmation of company information, address and website url landing page
  • Agree primary aims and goals for the company and product pages

Stage 2

  • Strategy concept and English write-ups outlined as draft.
  • Storyboard ideas for review for regular updates and product focus (even recycle old content if not published before).
  • LinkedIn strategy and alignment check
  • SEO – search tweaks to ensure updates reach a wider audience
  • Graphic suggestions and agreement for icon use.

Stage 3

  • Amend and update pages
  • Final Review and Sign-Off
  • 30 day support

Your Cost and Service Options

Option A includes:

30 minutes telephone or Skype call only to discuss your personal profile and to suggest some improvements

Cost: Free

Option B includes:

Your completion of the personal basic brand questionnaire

60 minutes telephone or Skype call

A step by step review of your personal profile on Linkedin together – improve it as we talk

You update and then profile is subject to a final review.

CHF 125 plus MwSt

Option C includes:

Your completion of the personal premium brand questionnaire.

60 minute telephone or Skype conversation and an in-person meeting (if possible) discussing your personal brand.

Address group memberships, alumni contact plan and other topics. 

Review of your profile, drafting and re-writing to match your desired personal brand and objectives.

Form action plan for future contact plans and follow-ups.

CHF 450.00 plus MwSt

Meeting and events group
Linkedin make-over personal interests
Linkedin Profile Change

Prices include:

Compilation of information for profile make-over and update.

Personal, company and product story

Desired positioning and contact mapping

Time – listening, asking questions, writing up profile, amending and updating before you sign-off.

Company Cost and Service Options

Option A includes:

30 minutes telephone conversation reviewing your write-up and providing feedback and a suggested action point to follow-up on

Cost: Free

Option B includes:

Your completion of the company questionnaire to establish your company brand

Email contact only to review your responses

Draft write up of the company and showcase pages in English, review and agree final copy

CHF 500.00 plus MwSt


Option C Includes:

2 x 60 minute Skype / Telephone conversations or in-person meetings

All of Option B activities

1 personal employee make-over

Coaching on Linkedin use and tips for personal profile brand management

Contact and group actions to-do follow-up for marketing or those areas as identified in the  questionnaire or our discussions

30 day support – email or telephone

CHF 1250.00 plus MwSt*

*2 payments of CHF 625.00 + MwSt

To request your re-branding make-over

Linkedin make-over career move
Your LinkedIn profile influences how other people perceive you
Let us get you noticed for the right reasons.

A make-over helps you :

If you are in the process of considering a new job, a professional review of your LinkedIn profile will help.
The result will help you to attract the right hiring managers and to put you a step closer to the job that you want
Your Details:
  1. Your preferred contact method:EmailPhone

* Required

Your company pages influences how future employees prior to interview or business relationships perceive you.
Let us help you to get noticed for the right reasons and to attract new business leads and staff in the way you want.

It helps your company to:

Promote itself in a new way and to be one of your social media communication foundation platforms.
Your planned approach will ensure that your time investment on Linkedin will be more efficient, effective and enjoyable.
The results will reflect your use of Linkedin in a new, different and focused way.