In More Detail

Start up business lead generation

New-start company Sales Pipeline

The company was in its second year and was reliant on 2 key customers for its revenues.

Not wishing to grow too fast and to retain ownership by the founders, they wanted to introduce a formal sales strategy with target accounts and a simple to use CRM system.

Zoho CRM was selected as the CRM system at the time because it was simple to use and without the complexity of Salesforce or another CRM system investigated at the time.

The spreadsheets and records which had been used were input into the CRM system together with notes so that all members of the team could participate in helping to secure future sales wins.

Pop-up trade show concept

24-7 Support Services Company Show Pop-Up

The graphic shown was the first idea which was developed further to highlight the services offered and call-out times for an IT support service company.

The number and colouring of the cables were changed to match an Ethernet cable. The positioning was also changed to allow each to be widened and a common fault label to be added.

The main support and service message was added to the top of the panel.

As many do not see below table level, the base area had a reel of cable and some service tools laid out as if on the floor.

We did not want to show typical pictures of equipment, logos of equipment makers supported or a lot of statements many never recall.

The Boston School GmbH

Website Design and Build

The Boston School GmbH had been using a frame / sitebuilder software package provided by the host for a number of years.

Internet technology changes, the need to use the website and view it properly on a mobile or tablet device meant that a change was required.

It can be self-managed and updated by staff who can add student learning resources or blog posts with ease.

The use of plug-ins and WordPress mean it will remain technically relevant so avoiding a repeat of their original website. Click link to visit website