Our projects require English language B1 or above candidates only

All recruitment is conducted through the name of Travers Search and projects have been both local here in Switzerland and for international locations.

All projects we handle and those candidates we help to get hired have spoken English as a 2nd or 3rd or more language.

The candidates can at least speak at a minimum B1 competency level because most have customer facing visits or daily conversations or conference calls which can require English language speaking and listening.

We no-longer work on assignments where a  candidate is not required to have an English language competency.

Those assignments we leave to your local in-country recruiters.

Candidate Sources

Our Candidate Source Percentages

Referrals count as a high percentage source because we speak to 100 identified candidates who are a close profile match for each full search.

It may seem a lot but when you add in the profile miss-match from social media and job advertisement responses, you need candidate referrals or recommendations.

Why is the dBase number low?

We do not retain any records after each search and job placement is completed. There is no need for us to have our own data servers holding masses of personal information.

Each hiring project is bespoke to each client, just as each career step made by a candidate as your future employee is special to them.

Zurich Offices Travers Search

Office: Zurich, Switzerland

Completed domestic and international assignments include:

Hiring Manager Location – Switzerland

Candidate Country of Work:

Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany,

Italy and the U.K.

Hiring Manager Location – U.K.

Candidate Country of Work:

Germany, Switzerland and the U.K.

Hiring Manager Location – Germany

Candidate Country of Work:

Germany, China, Italy, Spain and Switzerland

Hiring Manager Location – USA

Candidate Country of Work:

Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and the U.K.

Hiring Manager Location – Italy

Candidate Country of Work:


Our Recruitment Steps and Process

We could a few write pages on the steps and the process we work through

Yet as an old chemistry teacher of Andrew`s once said “pictures pay, method matters,” hence the infographic below.

It is why we try our best to understand your story and your needs as we recruit for you.

At the same time we paint that future work-life and career step for your next employee.

How we work, we hope is still in the same way that a Global Operations Director once told Andrew some years ago.

She said “let us get it right first time, then it is easy afterwards.”

Travers Search Hiring Process Explained