Creating a sales plan quickly and easily in 7 steps ( Step 3 )

Elena Koycheva

Creating your sales plan the earlier steps 1 and 2 

STEP 3 Your sales plan includes your relevant marketing plan

We know from the research that you have conducted and your desire to write a sales plan that you now have a viable idea for your business.

We need to take that information and use it in a marketing plan. You know we need to do this, it is not extra work and marketing needs a plan if we are to be successful with our sales. So to explain:

Marketing is how you position your business and the reputation you want that ideally matches your chosen market’s needs and wants.

How many times have we bought something because we were referred? That reputation was the reason why someone was happy to give a trusted personal recommendation. Your marketing plan will also help you to:

  • Define and build your chosen business reputation which will we hope last for some time as you build your business.
  • Increase your customers’ awareness of your ability to meet their needs and that you adapt to change.
  • Communicate with your customers in the way that helps you to increase their loyalty towards you and helps them form a positive opinion of your business.

smartphoneYour marketing plan will influence your approach to sales from your sales and marketing strategy to the point of sale.

However we do need to make some assumptions on the market and how we can convert or attract some business. It will not like a leaf in autumn just automatically fall off and the new business land in your lap.

You need to list your facts or beliefs which you think will influence your sales plan, such as:

  • The amount of competition you will have
  • Costs of materials, offices or premises and of staff who you need to employ
  • The number of prospects you need to achieve a certain number of customers and the average sale you will make.
  • Capabilities of your competitors and any special offers or services they may offer which you would like to match today or in the future.

This forms a component of your sales plan which you will review and make changes to on a regular basis.


Are you happy with what you done so far? Time to take a break for at least 30 minutes. Please try going for a walk outside or getting someone to read your work whilst you have a drink, snack or a meal.

Why? Another perspective or change of environment can very often give you a “wow thought” or “sanity moment” which you need to include or amend in your document.

Did you tweak your findings or make any amendments? Did the break help focus your mind a little more? It would be good to know your feedback. Time to move on again to step 4:

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