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Lead Generation and Management

Let us be truthful, there is absolutely no point wasting time calling or contacting people without a plan and some focus on why and who you are calling.

We have all been there cleaning up lists as a manager with names we know have potential yet seem to make the sales team members struggle to get in the door.

Andrew himself grew up learning how to chase trucks for phone numbers, note news in the Financial Times or Investors Chronicle and to spin it into an appointment letter with success. He also hated most CRM sytems with a passion which was why he had a short-term assignment from Field Sales to an internal Barclays project to be the “Sales Expert” for its telecanvassing and note management section design and user testing. Lessons learnt which today help support sales managers in their arguments for resisting mass data list dumps.

Sales lead generation is made to be easy, fun and motivating. How else can a sales leader sell it to his or her own team to ensure they make cold calls if they have to every week?

Our expert focus addresses your needs beyond those of the daily management of the team. It covers cold, warm or hot lead management, internal reporting and call outcome reporting.

Additional resource can also be called upon to challenge sales managers and leaders more deeply with a session or six on emotional messaging and lead qualification to add an extra filter to your lead management.

Sales Plans

Sales managers and leaders understand the importance of sales plans. The commitment to writing out a strategy in English uses some specific language terms.

It can also be too rigid and overly focused on revenue, margin per product or volume. Situations or a large volume business win can impact a plan as no-one wants a sales person who is the 1 deal target hitting wonder unless of course it is monthly and frequent

This is because the sales plan manages risk in the business, identifies sales tactics for the sales team and we hope keeps them active, motivated and on budget.

Training is provided with your current sales plan to help you develop and review its integration into both marketing and operations.

This ensures surprises from changes in product supply, a new credit control policy or another situation impacting sales can be regularly commented on. The sales plan becomes relied upon, trusted by the sales team as an accurate benchmark for their earnings and performance.

Messaging and reporting in English is important, a reason why focus is given to being honest in the use of language yet careful as well. This is because any internal investment provision or profit statement declaration needs accurate communication from any sales leader or manager.

Sales Enablers

“Getting the right information into the hands of the right sellers at the right time and place, and in the right format, to move a sales opportunity forward.” – IDC

The IDC definition is a few years old. It addresses the need for the information necessary to enable sales and the format that it is delivered in as well.

This work in English addresses two important areas.

1) The resources which support new team hires and the materials which are relevant for existing team members to ensure learning is retained and can be refreshed.

2)The content which is used by the sales team in English, so it is easy to access, relevant to their needs and helps them engage with prospects or clients.The sales team need to be comfortable explaining whitepapers, data sheets and other content in English.

Coaching and support can extend to the creation ofapproved and company compliant PowerPoint presentations, in-person exercises for product demonstrations and role-plays for those in-person conversations and sales pitches.

Quotes and Proposals

Writing and presenting a well-done proposal can make closing the sale a lot easier.

Some sales leaders believe their own template and supporting information is enough to secure the order because it includes the final price and terms

Training and coaching in the use of English covers the reality that sales leaders experience daily. That a proposal is the conclusion of a well-thought-out and well-executed sales process. It confirms discussions, addresses support and service client concerns and more.

The coaching addreses getting ahead of the reactive requests for a proposal(RFP) or a quotation (RFQ).

The coaching and training address the need to properly qualify the prospect or client in English. More importantly, that you collect all the information needed to put together a winning proposal.

The training will addressyour use of English, your writing skills and how you explain the value of your company product and services.

This is because the Purchasing Director or CEO may be seeing your proposal for the first time. It is important that it be complete. There should be no unanswered questions, odd terms or conditions which may need further explanation.

There should be no new news for your prospect. The proposal should capture the essence of your sales meetings and discussions with the prospect. Confirm that you understand their situation and pain points.

There is no need to confirm a product with a price table. That is a quotation, proposals are readable documents and you show your value.


Contracts and legal terms make most people think of the “business prevention unit” or BPU.

It is a common source of conflict in many businesses and a very easy area to create client or other mis-communicated problems.

Coaching and training help sales leaders in their use of English to to be more aware of the legal points and terms that they need to cover in their sales process.

Time is taken to cover the problems of complaint handling or a financial loss because someone in sales and marketing cut a corner

This is in addition to the touch points of finance, credit approval, internal messaging, supplier terms and the sales calendar. These are all areas where written or spoken English can be a factor in creating a problem which causes a lost or late deal.

Salary, Bonuses and Incentives

Sales compensation andfinancial or non-financial rewards is a difficult area for most sales leaders and managers to get right when speaking or writing in English.

Sales colleagues can quickly find and exploit any gap or wrong term used in a communication letter or email.

The coaching and training sessions covers you current sales remuneration package no matter which type you offer.

It will also cover the use of English for sales targets and performance, for sales contests, non-financial rewards such as an expensed lunch and of course clawbacks.

These all have their own English terms and use of language where the one on one conversation with your sales person may also need the support of others like HR.

Managing Poor Performers

No matter how many sales staff you have managed or your level of experience. There will be times where you do need to address sales poor performance.

Most sales leaders wouldagree that a conversation regarding performance with an employee is difficult. It is not uncommon for the problem to be left in the hope the sales person leaves, yet there are many positive aspects of performance management.

The coaching and training covers the use of English for performance improvement, action planning, role plays and how to be respectful towards the employee.

It helps the sales leader to bespecific about the problem, to provide and describe examples, to covermeasurements and data and how to best explain a lack of action or poor conduct.

The coaching and training will draw upon experiences within the company and use them as a template to focus on real life problems and issues.

Improving Sales Outcomes In English Courses

Sales training in English
Assessing Sales Opportunities

Prior to someone selling making their first call. They need to know how to identify and qualify their sales opportunities. A simple ranking or % of success matrix to determine if they are worth pursuing. This step in the sales process can be called opportunity management.

It is different to lead generation or prospecting as some call it. Those in sales management need to know how to qualify their opportunities, to form a strategic approach and to plan for success.

It requires the input of the management and sales staff to form part of the coaching plan because each coaching need is specific to each client

Account Management

Pareto`s Law- the 80:20 rule for sales is not 100% applicable for larger account business.

Those responsible for large accounts especially in a smaller company know how strategic the business is to their company

Looking beyond the need to “hit target” account management is an integral part of the sales activities and sales manager`s responsibilities.

Sales Managers sometimes need coaching to develop effective account strategies and to support their sales staff to think strategically, to think ahead for service contract renewals and to align the goals of the company to those of the client.

Territory Management

When a sales person, manager or team have a large number of accounts in a sales area, there needs to be a plan.

Territory management, call plans have to be a mix of correct segmentation, the allocation of effort towards high-potential accounts and new business development.

The process includes prioritising accounts, mapping locations and journey time. A mix of common sense and “back to the basics” to build an effective sales plan.

The Sales Manager will be coached, supported and helped so that the team know why resources are allocated in a certain way. She/he will be equipped and supported as the plan is executed because it is crucial requirement for success.

Email, Phone, In-Person Contact Management

Sales call management isinvolves many areas of coaching

Tools are provided through coaching androle-plays to support the sales manager and their team. The sales manager can concentrate on coaching his sales staff to think and plan before any sales call.

Managers can then attend joint calls, sit-in during conference calls as an observer and provide feedback on the effectiveness of each call.

Taking time to only observe appointment making telephone sessions and not attending an in-person sales call jointly with a sales person means the sales manager is examining behavior in isolation. A bit like a dentist examining one painful tooth at a check-up and not bothering to quickly look at the condition of the other teeth.

Sales is a process and what matters to sales managers are results. At Business Development we know how these behaviours work together to drive the team performance and sales plan outcome.

Building and managing a winning team long term

sales planning and succession
Recruiter Hiring Secrets and Process Overview

Recruitment of staff is an important task for any sales manager or leader. Yet so few sales managers and leaders get specialist coaching to help them to better understand their role as an active and passive participant. The passive attractor responsibility is important for those times you do not need to hire.

Our specialist recruiter and HR trainers and coaches provide a variety of modular or full topiccourses on each step in the recruitment process.

Attention is paid to the use of English in aligning recruitment and selection to your team culture, the company strategy and help you with the core components of the hiring process: job design, job analysis,and job descriptions. candidate profiling and your plan to hire and interview.

The split of activities mean your sales team also learn how to be referral agents. They benefit from a simple incentive plan without any concern that their own position is threatened.

Avoiding Hiring Mistakes at Interview

How many times has someone hired a seemingly talented sales candidate, only to find out afterwards that she or he failed to meet expectations.

In our sales careers, we all have because sometimes we fail to see beyond the interview performance and our local industry knowledge or competitor success stories.

Coaching and training is provided to question performance and experience. It will also include question techniques to uncover a candidate trying to use their personality to over sell themselves. Their attempts to mirror your body language and use of English to gain your trust.

A session will include time management and focus, the benefit of bringing in a third person into the room and the power of asking for 9 references.

This request stops the candidate just saying what you want to hear, it clearly states your intention. To seek answers to specific questions and that you will look into her or his background. It also needs to be carefully communicated in English and support is provided to help you by the trainer or coach.

Modules can be provided which go into greater depth on specific needs like telephone interviews, or creating a pre-interview assessment to be completed by the candidate.

The speed to hire is important and we provide tools for you to use because you do not want to make a rushed hiring decision.

As a sales manager, you are busy and like most hiring managers, you do not want to spend a lot of time hiring and interviewing new candidates.The importance of an on-boarding process cannot be under estimated.Time is dedicated to this topic so thatyour percentage for success post-hiring is high. An important factor in retention and team stability.

Contract Negiotiations and Onboarding

Contract negotiations are not always easy and straightforward. There is a risk of a potential new employee declining the offer as all recruiters and long-serving managers know.

It is why specific attention is given to employment terminology, the use of English for the final stages of hiring, the communication period between resignation and commencement in the new role and on-boarding.

You want to be sure that the new employee gets up to speed as quickly as possible. That they arrive with a smile on their face and become apositive addition to your team.

Networking for Sales Success Modules

Linkedin research and network development task
Your Positioning and Mapping

Networking is favoured by many in sales. Yet many rarely leave their own industry puddle or lake!

Few consider how as a sales person, sales leader or business owner their network looks.

There are reasons why it should not be filled with C-level contacts.

This is why time is spent ensuring that you and your team map the right contacts, entering into the CRM only what will bring about a shorter sales cycle.

At the last count AndrewTravers was connected to 2.2 million profiles in Linkedin in Switzerland.That was for connection levels 1, 2 and 3. The population is only 8.5 million. His level 1 connections number 242, so you can see how many puddles of common contacts there are in the country.

Industry and Academic Give Back

HR love this strategy as you will because it involves a plan volunteering for industry bodies, associations or colleges and Universities.

Structured networking in this way to a good strategy works both ways, one for the visibility of those involved, the second as a safety net for times when you lose a key member of staff or your job because of a change project. You need a trusted point of referral quickly. One who recognises you as an active participant in the University or industry association so makes referrals automatically to help you.

Personal Strategy and Time

The company is not responsible for all expenses paid networking attendance. Like self-learning, self-networking needs a plan.

Some social media platforms may be understood, others not so well. Time is taken to build a personal strategy for self-networking. to confirm your positioning and to map personal contacts and connections away from work.

Why?Your Linkedin connections can be locked after leaving a company as they state, “you grew that network on their time.” If in doubt, try a few Google searches on the issues related to employers and employee connection owenership.

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