Developing Business

Developing business through sales support, new business acquisition, marketing and sourcing new staff for key roles.

Many projects have been completed over the years and the purpose of this website is to support you or your company as a trusted point of reference.

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What We Offer

Project work has usually required working across borders on a specific time limited basis. This is a deliberate policy because SME companies find it fits their budgets best.

If a problem or short-term need for support arises, you want the job done and not stretched out for another 3 months or so. Nor do we!

SMART objectives are well known, you may need support for 3 months or on a regular hours per month basis for a year.

It is the reason why you can suggest to us that you want

By  __/__/__ date

Business Development will have solved, built, or helped …… ( my company) starting on the …….. date to  complete / achieve ……. which will be evidenced by ……… outcomes/measure / total numbers  ………. for a cost of CHF ………… The completion of the project will be evidenced by the following results ……which solve our problem today which is …………………

We only agree to work we can do based on your need, our network of resources ( we may refer you and not work together if your problem is beyond our knowledge or expertise area) and current commitments.

We ask you to be open and trustworthy with us because sometimes projects or your priorities need to be changed.

Geography Breakdown of Work

  • Switzerland only projects 25%
  • European Only Projects 35%
  • USA Only Projects 20%
  • Asia only projects 10%
  • Multi-Region projects 10%

Our Work Areas

Hotel Technology

Sales and marketing projects for suppliers of hotel software and technoloies

Engineering Recruitment

Recruitment of mechatronics or mechanical engineering degree qualified candidates for technology and engineering companies.

SME Sales & Marketing

Possessing a strong interest in start-up, small to medium businesses our work concentrates on helping to find solutions for sales or marketing problems.

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