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The development of the business can take a number of forms, new distributor channel or a simple B2C e-commerce website. It can involve a change of staff to new roles or the hiring of a new specialist or team.

No matter what your need is, we have the experience to listen, discuss with you your thooughts, our response and and to decide the next steps.

Services are tailored according to each of our clients, their company size and their management team needs.

New-start company Sales Pipeline

The company was in its second year and was reliant on 2 key customers for its revenues.

Not wishing to grow too fast and to retain ownership by the founders, they wanted to introduce a formal sales strategy with target accounts and a simple to use CRM system.

Zoho CRM was selected as the CRM system at the time because it was simple to use and without the complexity of Salesforce or another CRM system investigated at the time.

The spreadsheets and records which had been used were input into the CRM system together with notes so that all members of the team could participate in helping to secure future sales wins.

From flyers to mass mailers with reply card

Small Company Website Design and Build

The Boston School GmbH had been using a frame / sitebuilder software package provided by the host for a number of years.

Internet technology changes, the need to use the website and view it properly on a mobile or tablet device meant that a change was required.

It can be self-managed and updated by staff who can add student learning resources or blog posts with ease.

The use of plug-ins and WordPress mean it will remain technically relevant so avoiding a repeat of their original website. Click link to visit website

Marketing Messages
English Language Tips and Tricks
Email Newsletters
Pre-Sales Call Letters

24-7 Support Services Company Show Pop-Up

The graphic shown was the first idea which was developed further to highlight the services offered and call-out times for an IT support service company.

The number and colouring of the cables were changed to match an Ethernet cable. The positioning was also changed to allow each to be widened and a common fault label to be added.

The main support and service message was added to the top of the panel.

As many do not see below table level, the base area had a reel of cable and some service tools laid out as if on the floor.

We did not want to show typical pictures of equipment, logos of equipment makers supported or a lot of statements many never recall.

Booth Design
In-person support
Defining a sales plan

Support, mentor and develop rising stars

Its purpose:

  • Develop key staff
  • To save money on ad-hoc training and develop larger value transactions
  • Promote from within and retain staff

The results are improved tenure, identification of your future team capability from the “steady Eddy” regular performer to the quarter-end high achiever. A process and a plan which the sales team own more themselves to further guarantee identifiable results.

No matter your time-zone we have worked them all.

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International business is business development
Sales Strategy and Sales Team Coaching

Defining a sales plan, setting a marketing or sales strategy is complex and takes some time to construct.

Our work will involve coaching your staff and giving them direction so you know who can and will develop your international business.

New staff? Succession planning?
Recruitment is about career moves making sense

Our recruitment projects require English language B1 or above candidates only

All recruitment is conducted through the name of Travers Search and projects have been both local here in Switzerland and for international locations.

All projects we handle and those candidates we help to get hired have spoken English as a 2nd or 3rd or more language.

The candidates can at least speak at a minimum B1 competency level because most have customer facing visits or daily conversations or conference calls which can require English language speaking and listening.

We no-longer work on assignments where a  candidate is not required to have an English language competency, those roles we leave to your local in-country recruiters.

Completed domestic and international assignments include:

Hiring Manager Location – Switzerland

Candidate Country of Work:  Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and the U.K.

Hiring Manager Location – U.K.

Candidate Country of Work: Germany, Switzerland and the U.K.

Hiring Manager Location – Germany

Candidate Country of Work: Germany, China, Italy, Spain and Switzerland

Hiring Manager Location – USA

Candidate Country of Work: Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and the U.K.

Travers Search Hiring Process Explained

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Fast turnaround, long-term development projects, rush jobs or interim assignments – we have done them all.

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Marco Torazza

MBA educated and more years of international business development than he would like to admit.

Possessing an excellent sense of humour and a laser like delivery focus on projects across all functions.

The real life version of “developing business internationally” which includes the South Sudan – worth a conversation about Marco`s project skills and multi-lingual business capabilities.

Travers Swiss Sales Strategy International in English

Andrew Travers

Deliverer of bad jokes and more local than international having founded the Zürich Networking Group.

EMEA experienced and with a preference to real life issues and problem solving.

Authorised to recruit in and outside Switzerland and C-Level connector to a global network of Sales Directors and Technology Professionals.

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